Von and Mickey Hagaman Collection


Von and Mickey Hagaman Collection


This collection consists of various images and other materials related to the lives of Robert Von Hagaman (1925-2016) and his wife Cora Lois "Mickey" Hagaman (b. 1925).

Born in Sugar Grove, Von Hagaman was the son of Floyd and Hattie Roark Hagaman. Von Hagaman volunteered for the US Navy at 17 and served in the Pacific theater during World War II, landing at Saipan, Guam, Tinian, and Okinawa. He also survived a kamikaze attack during the Battle of Okinawa. Upon his return to Watauga County, he served as a US Mail postman for 36 years, then worked at Carter & Kirk Paving Company, followed by Elk River Club Security for another 20 years. He was active in numerous community organizations, including the Boone Civitan Club and the Jaycees, and he was a lifelong member and deacon for the First Baptist Church of Boone.

Much of the collection focuses on the 1949 Watauga County Centennial Parade and related festivities. Mickey McGuire (Hagaman) was named the Queen of the Centennial. The Hagamans, who married in December 1949, had three children: Cathy Hagaman Underwood, Tim Hagaman, and Rosemary Hagaman Virginia.

The collection includes the full program of the 1950 "Echoes of the Blue Ridge" show, a five-day "Historical Pageant of the Lost Provinces" that presented a story of the county's history in nine "episodes." This production later became the inspiration for a more permanent drama, better known today as the "Horn in the West" production, one of the longest running outdoor dramas in the United States.


Palmer Blair, Echoes of the Blue Ridge, Von Hagaman, Watauga Democrat


1940s to 1950s


Rosemary Virginia


Digital use rights contributed to Digital Watauga. All other rights retained by Rosemary Virginia.


Photographic prints, newspaper clippings, pamphlet, postcards



Spatial Coverage

Watauga County, Boone

Items in the Von and Mickey Hagaman Collection Collection

Four Servicemen Marching in a Parade
Six men dressed in various military uniform march down King Street in Boone, NC, as part of a parade, probably the 1949 Watauga County Centennial Parade. They carry the American flag and another flag with them. Among them is Von Hagaman, who is…

Six Servicemen Marching in a Parade
Six men dressed in various military uniform march down a street in Boone , NC as part of a parade, most likely the 1949 Watauga County Centennial Parade. They carry the American flag and another flag with them. Among them is Von Hagaman who is…

1949 Centennial Color Guard
The 1949 Centennial Color Guard standing in a field at night. They are identified left to right: Custer Wallace wears a Civil War style uniform; Bruce Hodges wears a top hat and 19th century style suit; Von Hagaman wears his Navy uniform and carries…

Von Hagaman Delivering Mail
Von Hagaman delivering mail on Howard Street, Boone, North Carolina, probably about 1960. He wheels a mail hand truck and wears a postal service uniform. Parked cars and several buildings can be seen further down Howard Street.

Palmer's Photo Shop during 1949 Centennial
The storefront of Palmer's Photo Shop located in the Linney Law Office building on King Street, Boone, North Carolina. The photo depicts a display offering photos commemorating the 1949 Centennial. A sign in the window reads "Get Your Centennial…

Group at the Boone Drug Company
A group of people standing in the Boone Drug Company building on King Street in Boone, located across the street from the Jones Building (present home of the Mast General Store). The people are identified from left to right as: Dr. O. K. Richardson,…

Rotary Club Group
A group of eleven people, six men and five women, gathered around a dinner table with the Rotary Club banner hanging behind them.

Young Girls in Centennial Regalia
A large group of young girls wearing regalia for the 1949 Centennial. The girls are all wearing white dresses, tiaras, and starred badges with the exception of the girl in the center, identified as Miss Young, who wears a cape and carries a baton as…

DOE/NASA 2000kW Experitmental Wind Turbine Specification
The specifications for the experimental wind turbine at Howard's Knob including information about the turbine's rotor, blade, tower, transmission, generator, orientation drive, control system, performance, and weight

DOE/NASA 2000kW Experitmental Wind Turbine Photo
A photo of an experimental wind turbine built on Howard's Knob in Boone, NC. The photo shows the turbine towering amongst the mountains that surround Boone, and parts of the town can be seen in the background.


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