Appalachian Ski Mountain Collection


Appalachian Ski Mountain Collection


This collection currently features a single item that was anonymously mailed to the Digital Watauga Project. The item in question is a brochure for Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, NC, that includes the 1991-1992 rate schedule. The brochure indicates that this would have been the 30th anniversary of the ski mountain (it was started in 1962). Appalachian Ski Mountain was originally opened as "Blowing Rock Ski Lodge," before becoming Appalachian Ski Mountain after the 1968 purchase by Grady Moretz.




This item has been anonymously donated to Digital Watauga. Any reprinting, redistribution, or other use of these images outside of Digital Watauga requires written permission from the Digital Watauga Project. Contact Digital Watauga directly for additional details.

Collection Items

1991-1992 Appalachian Ski Mountain Rate Schedule
This item is the 1991-1992 rate schedule for Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, NC. The front of the pamphlet has a picture of a man and child standing in brightly colored gear and wearing skis. An image to the far right of this page shows a…
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