Tom Rokoske Collection


Tom Rokoske Collection


This small collection, named after the donor Tom Rokoske, consists of just two items.

The first item is a postcard that depicts Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church in Boone, NC, circa 1960s. The second item is a photograph of the old Watauga County Courthouse, taken in 1967 right before the building was torn down. This building was originally built in 1904.


Tom Rokoske


Tom Rokoske has outright donated these items to Digital Watauga. Any reprinting, redistribution, or other use of these images outside of Digital Watauga requires written permission from the Digital Watauga Project. Contact Digital Watauga directly for additional details.

Collection Items

Old Watauga County Courthouse, Circa 1967
This image, taken from the street, shows a large building with columns. The building is visible past a parked car and bare trees. A domed roof top is partially visible. This building is the old Watauga County Courthouse that was torn down and rebuilt…

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church Postcard
This item is a postcard with an image of a church on the front. The church is two stories, brick, and has a peaked roof. A large cross stands on the front of the roof. A sign in front of the church reads, "St. Elizabeth Mass 7:30 [illegible] Newman…
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