Tatum Cabin Collection


Tatum Cabin Collection


The Tatum Cabin Collection consists of multiple images of documents dating back to the 18th century. These images were taken through frames as the contributor sought to be extremely careful with the physical artifacts due to their age. Here we have tried to make these images of the highest quality possible.


Beatrice L. Wellborn


Beatrice L. Wellborn have extended use rights to the Digital Watauga Project through a use rights Deed of Gift and retain all other rights to these images. Any reprinting, redistribution, or other use of these images requires written permission from Beatrice L. Wellborn. Contact Digital Watauga for additional details.

Collection Items

North Carolina Land Grant and Seal
This image shows a deed for land in North Carolina. The agreement calls for ten pounds for every hundred acres. The script has faded with time but some letters may be made out. The person who is gaining the land may be "Thomas Farmer." It may read…

Wax Seal on North Carolina Land Grant
This image shows a detailed view of the wax seal seen on the land grant circa 1788 referenced in items 003 and 006 of this series. This seal is noted to be made of beeswax and woven into the document using twine. The impressions of a person, a tool…

Close-Up of North Carolina Land Grant
This image shows an enhanced photographic image of the bottom portion of the land grant seen in item 006 of this collection. The item referenced is a deed for land in North Carolina. This provides a clearer date and script of the deed. The date…

Caption Accompanying North Carolina Land Grant
This image shows the caption on the back of the framed land grant. The typed caption reads "Old land grant in the year of our Lord 16111." Here the year is marked out in pen and handwritten above is 1788. The caption continues "The seal is of bees…

Pardon from President Andrew Johnson
This image shows a pardon from President Andrew Johnson for Elijah Tatum. Tatum was pardoned for his service in the Confederate Army. Specifically the pardon states that by, "taking part in the late rebellion against the government of the United…

Blue Ridge Parkway Postcard Collage
This image shows a framed collection of postcards featuring scenes around Western North Carolina along the Blue Ridge Parkway. There is a caption along the bottom of the image that explains the coverage of the postcards. The postcards included in…
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