Jackson Henson Collection


Jackson Henson Collection


Images in this collection feature downtown Boone during the Daniel Boone Wagon Train, Horn in the West performances, and popular tourist spots in Western North Carolina such as Grandfather Mountain, Blowing Rock, and Tweetsie.

Received in a binder with plastic sleeves protecting some of the larger images and pockets of postcards kept together, this collection was rehoused by Digital Watauga. All images in series were digitized in order received. Most, if not all items were in good condition. There are several landscapes and nature scenes captured along with ceremonies for the Daniel Boone Wagon Train in 1963.

The 1963 Daniel Boone Wagon Train was an event created by the North Carolina Tercentenary committee, established in 1959. This was to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the charter that created the Carolina colony in 1663. This committee chose to connect this charter creation to the adventures of Daniel Boone in the late 18th century. Notable individuals involved in the event were Luther Hodges, Ted Kirby, and Cratis D. Williams.

Horn in the West is one of only three outdoor dramas in North Carolina, starting in 1952 with Ned Austin as the main character, Daniel Boone. George Glenn Causey, Sr (1926-2000) soon took over and starred in the play for 41 years. This play was originally written by Dr. Kermit Hunter (1910-2001) and is the longest running Revolutionary War drama in the United State having celebrated its 70th annual season (having missed a couple due to the COVID-19 pandemic) in 2022. The show has evolved over the years to no longer use white characters to portray Indigenous Americans, a practice that can be seen in some of the photographs in this collection.


Jackson Henson


Jackson Henson has shared these items with Digital Watauga through a digital use rights deed of gift. Any reprinting, redistribution, or other use of these images and materials outside of Digital Watauga requires written permission from Jackson Henson. Additional copyright restrictions may also apply. Contact Digital Watauga for additional details.

Collection Items

Sea of Clouds
This image shows two hikers above the cloud line. Two people can be seen, out posing on a rocky outcropping. Trees can be seen on the mountainside below in the bottom right of the image. There is a caption on the back of this image reading "Above a…

Mile High Swinging Bridge
This image shows the image seen in item 83 of this series. The back of this photo has a typed caption "The Mile High Bridge step Grandfather Mountain" and there is a stamp attributing this photo to Hugh Morton.

View from Mile High Swinging Bridge
This image shows a family on top of a rocky peak to the right of the image. This is a view from the Mile High Swinging Bridge. There is a caption on the back of the image and a stamp identifying Hugh Morton as the photographer.

Rhodos at Grandfather Mountain
This image shows a view of the Grandfather Mountain looking towards the peaks. There are two people on the rock. There is a caption on the back of the image and a stamp identifying the photographer as Hugh Morton.

Partially Cloudy Blowing Rock
This image shows a view of the Blowing Rock looking to the southeast. There is a stamp of Hugh Morton's on the back of the photograph and a small, typed caption "the Blowing Rock."

Women at Daniel Boone Native Gardens
This image shows Julia Taylor Morton, Hugh Morton's wife, on the right and Martha Blakeney Hodges, Luther H. Hodge's wife in front of the gates to the Daniel Boone Native Gardens. The replica of Daniel Boone's cabin can be seen over the fence on the…

Replica of Daniel Boone's Cabin
This image shows the replica of Daniel Boone Cabin. This cabin can be found in the Daniel Boone Native Gardens. There is a small pond in front of the cabin and a trail can be seen leading between the cabin and the pond. There is a caption on the back…

Daniel Boone Native Gardens
This image shows the gates to the Daniel Boone Native Gardens in Boone. Some native wildflowers, black-eyed susans, can be seen in the foreground of the image. This postcard does have a caption on the back identifying the location of the Daniel Boone…

The Blowing Rock
This image shows a colorized postcard of the Blowing Rock. There is a caption on the back of the image identifying the location as the Blowing Rock and the photographer as Gene Aiken with a copyright in 1956.

The Peaks of Granfather Mountain #2
This image shows the peaks of grandfather mountain from a different angle. There is a caption on the back of this postcard that identifies the peaks as those of Grandfather Mountain and the photographer as Walter Cline. There is a copyright for 1955…
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