Browne Hollowell Collection


Browne Hollowell Collection


This collection consists of an essay on the Ward Store in Watauga Falls, Watauga, NC.


Betty Toreyson Hollowell


Browne Hollowell


Browne Hollowell have extended use rights to the Digital Watauga Project through a use rights Deed of Gift and retain all other rights to these images. Any reprinting, redistribution, or other use of these images requires written permission from Browne Hollowell. Contact Digital Watauga for additional details

Collection Items

Title Caption for A History of John Ward's Store
This image shows the label that was originally on the outside of the denim binder that this essay was donated in.

Articles of Agreement Between J. W. Ward and W. H. Shull
This image shows a copy of the handwritten Articles of Agreement between J. W. Ward and W. H. Shull. The document is dated August 6, 1895.

Dirt Road Near John Ward's Barn
This image shows a dirt road that goes around a barn that sits on the path. The barn is to the right of the image and a steep bank can be seen on the left of the dirt road. The handwritten caption below reads "A few yards west of the storehouse, on…

Ward Family Sawmill Dam
This image shows a dammed portion of the river. There is a handwritten caption underneath that reads "Go east on the old turnpike from John Ward's Store and, in a quarter of a mile or so, you come to Ward's sawmill and the milldam."

Ward's General Store Hand-Drawn Floor Plans
This image shows a floorplan sketch of the Ward's General Store. The handwritten caption below this image reads "A mild example of the fabulous claims made for patent medicines such as Golden Medical Discovery." Underneath the floorplan there is a…

John Ward Store From Above
This image shows a side porch of the general store. The handwritten caption below reads "John Ward's Dwelling House: John Ward extended and altered Wiley Gentry's 4 room 2 story house over the cellar." There is a drawn arrow pointing to the right.

1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 Watauga Falls Census Information
These images show records from the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 censuses in Watauga Falls.

Amos Ward Log Cabin
This image shows a log cabin with a single window with a handwritten caption reading "Log House of Amos Ward". This image is cited from "Isaacs, p. 104." Amos Ward is possibly the grandfather of John Ward.

L. D. Ward Log Cabin
This image shows a log cabin, captioned the "Homeplace of L. D. Ward." This is captioned with a citation of "Isaacs, P. 104" who wrote These, My People 1978 Wards of Watauga County, North Carolina, 1978. This is possibly a reference to John Ward's…

Young John Ward Family Portrait, Circa 1897
This image shows a picture of the Ward family sitting outdoors. There are four children pictured, one an infant. The handwritten caption below reads "This is a picture of the Ward family before they moved to the storehouse. Dollie, on her mother's…
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