Land of Oz

The Land of Oz theme park opened on top of Beech Mountain in 1970. Originally owned by Grover Robbins, the park design was based on the book and movie The Wizard of Oz. With the help of actress Debbie Reynolds, who attended the opening day ribbon cutting, original movie props were acquired and displayed in a museum at the park. Visitors could ride a ski lift up to the Land of Oz, where they began a tour through Dorothy’s house. Visitors then followed a yellow brick road through the park in order of events in the movie, including a trip in a hot air balloon ski lift. Unfortunately, ownership changes and a fire in the park led to its closing after just 10 years of operation. The park fell into disrepair with many items vandalized or stolen before a local group decided to slowly restore portions of the park. It now opens seasonally several days out of the year for tours.

Experience the original Land of Oz, as best that we can piece together, as you click through our exhibit. You wil start at the entrance to the park where you will begin the journey at Dorothy's house. Through the twister tunnel will lead you to Munchkinland where you will follow the yellow brick road through the park. You will pass by the Tin Man's house, the Cowardly Lion's house, and the Scarecrow's house. The Wicked Witch of the West makes an appearance before you find yourself in the Emerald City boarding a hot air balloon lift. Special chair lifts take you back to the parking lot.

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