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This image shows a slide from a Soil Conservation Service presentation. The slide briefly lists the group's goals for improving energy conservation. There are two bullet points that explain how to conserve energy.

This image shows a Soil Conservation Service Worker consulting a map with a farmer. The worker is leaning on the wheel of a tractor. There are a few hills covered with crops in the background. This was taken outside of Watauga County.

This image shows the United States Ultralight Association office from the road next to it. There is a road leading to a parking lot next to the building. The lot is obscured by a few bushes and trees. There are two pillars and several signs next to…

This image shows some flowers growing next to a partially eroded hillside. There are some exposed roots near the top of the image. The ground is covered in various foliage and fallen branches. Printed on the slide is text which reads "Watauga."

This image shows a parking lot next to a government building. There are several people standing around the cars and having a conversation. The building in the back seems to be the National Soil Conservation Service Office in Washington DC. There is a…

This image shows the capitol building in Washington DC. The majority of the building is covered by a few trees with orange leaves. The most visible part of the building is the dome, which is framed by the trees.

This image shows the landscape of Washington DC. The capitol building is visible in the background next to a long stretch of road. There are a few other buildings that are connected by bridges which cross the street. Many cars are parked in a lot…

This image is a close-up of a pink flower in a flower bush. The flower is being held up by someone's hand. There is another flower in the background of this image. Printed on the slide is text which reads "Sep 77."

This image shows fire pink growing on a forest floor. The flowers are growing around a fallen tree branch. There are a few other branches and exposed roots on the ground around the flowers. Written on a piece of tape on the slide is text which reads…

This image shows some wild strawberry growing on a forest floor. The strawberry is surrounded by thick grass and some fallen branches. There is also a layer of fallen leaves on the ground. Written on a piece of tape on the slide is text which reads…
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