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This early photograph features a view of a large rock outcropping with openings in the rock, possibly one of the Rock House dwellings known to have existed in the Cove Creek and Watauga River areas. Several people are visible perched on a ledge near…

This item features ten portraits mounted to cardboard stock. The three on the right are a series of the same man and woman, both wearing more dressy clothes, perhaps taken in an early photo booth. To the left of them are three separate portraits,…


This item features six portraits of various people. To the top left are a man and a woman, both wearing hats, in front of a painted backdrop. Below them is a darkened photo of a young woman with her hair up and wearing a large hat. In the middle…


This photo features a baby wearing a cap while lying in a stroller. Behind the baby there are multiple telephone poles visible along with several billboards posted to a fence and a large, Victorian house. The number "507" is stamped on the back.

This portrait shows a child leaning against a wooden, stick-design chair. The child is wearing a white dress and stands in front of a painted backdrop. A note on the back has been trimmed so that her name is no longer visible, but below this, a line…


This small portrait features a woman with black hair that is combed back. The woman may be of Asian heritage. She is wearing a white shirt under a darker overcoat/jacket. Writing in pencil on the rear has faded badly and is no longer legible.


This photo features a soldier dressed in full uniform with a corporal badge on one sleeve, while a young girl sits next to him on the marble balustrade of a veranda overlooking a city.

This portrait features two boys sitting on a wooden toy wagon that has the word TRAV visible on the side, possibly written as TRAVELER in full but obscured by one boy's leg. The wagon is in front of some small bushes and a house.

This small portrait, about an inch square, shows a woman holding a baby. Both the woman and baby are dressed in white.

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This portrait shows a woman dressed in white standing in a clearing. There is a large floral arrangement attached to her front and both a watch and a bracelet on her wrists.


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