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This two page document addresses business matters of the Holy Cross Church in Valle Crucis from 1960-1961 (Val-Cru-3-117a-117b). The first image is a scan of one of the two sides of the document, it reflects the proposed budget for Holy Cross Church…

This twenty-one page document is a blue composition book with illustrations and advertisements across its cover. The cover of the blue composition book is labeled "Mrs. Will Cook." Its interior pages are comprised of minutes from Valle Crucis Mission…

This nine page document is a short book entitled "Two Lessons in Group Dynamics," published in 1951. The book is labeled "Mission Committee," and "Beatrice Foster" on its front cover. Due to copyright restrictions, the interior content of this book…

This image is a photograph of the confirmation class of May 1919 at the Valle Crucis Industrial School. Students are standing together with their instructors.

This image is a photograph of a wooden building, with a small sign near its entrance. The sign reads, "Library, Closed." This building is likely affiliated with the Valle Crucis Mission School.

This image is a photograph of a building, most likely the Valle Crucis Mission School.

This image is a photograph of the inside of a dormitory, possibly at Valle Crucis Mission School. The photograph was taken by "G. Dickerson" in 1984. The stamp on the back reads, "McKenzie & Dickerson 1984, Spruce Pine NC 28387."

This image is a photograph of a cabin situated in the mountains, likely in Valle Crucis. No date or caption is given.

This image is a postcard picturing Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Valle Crucis. The photograph was taken by "P. Blair," indicating that the photographer capturing this scene was most likely Palmer Blair.

This image is a photograph of Holy Cross Church partially obscured by tree branches. The caption on the back of the photograph reads, "Holy Cross Church Spring- apple blossoms, taken from path to 'Tiny's'."
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