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  • Collection: Watauga County Soil and Water Collection

A distant mountain ridge and rolling hills are covered with trees that display their autumn colors. Among the hills are large, mown, grassy clearings.

A small road bridge has been sanctioned off and closed for construction. Land erosion has caused the bridge to collapse. A stream flows swiftly beneath the bridge, where the land beneath has heavily eroded. The stream contains a lot of debris…

A multi level yellow farmhouse sits atop a grassy hillside, surrounded by a wooden fence with a gate. The land around the house is hilly with many trees. A gravel driveway runs laterally along the hill above the home. A barn with a metal roof sits on…

Two men stand with one boot propped up on fallen trees that have been lain on a protected bank of Dutch Creek on the Henry Taylor Farm in Watauga County. Trees are anchored into the bank for protection.

A group of women are working within a plant nursery, or a garden. There are several cars and buildings in the background, powerlines overhead, and a fire hydrant in the foreground. The women are crouched over vines, inspecting the plants.

Three long black plastic flexible drainage pipes protrude from a rocky hillside below a house with a brick foundation.

A narrow creek flows over rocks alongside a two story cabin. A backhoe is parked on the bank closest to the cabin, it is extending its bucket over to the other side of the creek. A vehicle is parked on the gravel driveway that runs parallel to the…

A flower grows at the end of an umbrella tree branch. On the slide mount is written, "Umbrella Tree, Mountain Magnolia, Magnolia Fraseri." A person is standing in the right side of the frame, holding the branch in their hands. "WATAUGA" is stamped on…

A drainage pipe emerges from a muddy hillside, where land has either been cleared or has eroded. The pipe is positioned so that it empties into the creek below. The land is bare and appears to have been recently worked by heavy machinery. A small…

A light snow has fallen on a hillside that is either badly eroded or has been dug out by machinery.
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