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This is a black and white iimage that shows a winding road, identified as Highway 194, going around grassy fields. A rocky mountainside can be seen in the far right of the image beside the highway. The road travels from Vilas to Banner Elk, NC.

This is a black and white aerial view that shows a view of snow-covered mountains in Adams, NC. A person can be seen in the lower right of the image.

This is a black and white image that shows a snow-covered yard, likely at the home of Mattie Alice and Ernest Hodges on Old Bristol Road in Adams, NC. A dump truck can be seen sitting beneath snow-covered trees. There are tire tracks through the snow…

This is a black and white image that shows the engine of a truck covered in frost.

This is a black and white image that shows a sign attached to the side of a store. The sign is covered in ice, with icicles hanging down off of it. It reads, "7up Sold Here." Snow-covered mountains can be seen in the distance below the sign. The…

This image shows a young woman, identified as Reba Hodges, sitting in the front passenger seat of a car. The image appears to have been taken from the back seat, with Reba turned looking back. The steering wheel and rearview mirror of the car can be…

This image shows three young women and a young man standing outside next to a low stone wall. The two girls sitting against the wall are unidentified but the other two individuals are Reba and Ernest "Buck" Hodges. The girls all wear dresses or…

This image shows a young man leaning against a car. He has been identified as Ernest Elmo "Buck" Hodges with his 1938 Oldsmobile sedan. The car is parked in a driveway under trees. A house is visible through the trees in the upper left of the image.…

This image shows a young man, identified as Ernest Elmo "Buck" Hodges, posing outside. Ernest wears a sweater vest, large patterned tie, trousers and loafers. He stands near small shrubs and under trees. A watch is visible on his wrist.

This image shows a large fireplace and mantle. The image was taken inside of Ernest and Mattie Alice Hodges' home in Adam, NC. The mantle is lined with portraits of family members and small figurines. The individuals in the photos on the mantle have…
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