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A Special Note...Momma's Early Years, combined.pdf
This image shows a handwritten note by Nancy Miller Brown in which she writes memories of significant developments in her life, such various jobs through the years and her father's ailing health.

Momma at App State Teachers College 1942.tif
This image shows a duplicate image of Nancy Miller Brown as a young woman at Appalachin State Teachers college. The caption on this image provided the date, 1942, and the age of Brown, 24, at the time this photo was taken.

Momma ASTC 1942, Age 24.tif
This image shows Nancy Miller Brown as a young woman on the campus of Appalachian State Teachers College. She sits on a slide or walkway of some sort. There are steps to a platform seen in the background in the left of the image.

Momma's Journal combined.pdf
This image shows a small journal documenting the memories of Nancy Miller Brown working with the Bookmobile in Watauga County "about 1940." It details the different routes taken and various encounters with local citizens.

NMB Memorial.pdf
This image shows the handout from the funeral of Nancy Miller Brown. This provides a birth and death date and the location of her funeral at Austin and Barnes Funeral Home on Queen Street.

NMB Celebration of Life.pdf
This image shows the celebration of life event for Nancy Miller Brown. There is a short biography provided about her and those she is survived by.

Statement from Nancy Miller Brown.pdf
This image shows a handwritten note by Nancy Miller Brown describing the WPA programs and her work at the courthouse and the public library.

Notes from Nancy Miller Brown.pdf
This image shows a typed set of facts about Nancy Miller Brown. This includes a few stories and facts about her life in Watauga County in the mid twentieth century. As noted at the bottom of the document, it was recorded by Nancy Miller Brown and…

Cover Letter from Nancy Miller Brown Family.pdf
This image shows a summary of the collection by Nancy Miller Brown's children about her and her life. Here there is a disclaimer about the continuity of some of the stories provided by their mother.
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