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This photographic portrait of George William Horton (1920-1973) by Palmer Blair--likely dating to the early 1950s--was mixed in with other Blair materials found in the George Flowers Collection. It has since been repatriated to the Palmer Blair…

This image shows Mabry Mill, located at milepost 176 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. A family strolls along the walkpath and views the waterwheel.

This image shows a lake in an unknown mountain range, possibly in the western United States. This mountless slide appears to have been cut off at the end of a roll of film. The mountains are white near the waterline.

This image shows a section of what is most likely the Blue Ridge Parkway as it passes through a grassy landscape with few trees. Along the side of the road is a low stone wall.

This image shows a section of what is most likely the Blue Ridge Parkway.

This image shows the Blowing Rock looking out over the St. John's Valley.

This image shows an unidentified man and woman standing on The Blowing Rock.

This image shows The Blowing Rock.

This image shows a mountain scene. The slide mount is stamped "Blowing Rock North Carolina."

This image shows an unidentified mountain landscape. Much of the land has been cleared for pastures.
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