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A woman rides a horse past Jones & Brown Grocery (the former Smithey's Store) and the Boone Auto Exchange on West King Street during the 1949 Watauga County Centennial Parade.

The 1949 Centennial Color Guard standing in a field at night. They are identified left to right: Custer Wallace wears a Civil War style uniform; Greer Hodges wears a top hat and 19th century style suit; Von Hagaman wears his Navy uniform and carries…

The storefront of Palmer's Photo Shop located in the Linney Law Office building on West King Street, Boone, North Carolina. The photo depicts a display offering photos commemorating the 1949 Centennial. A sign in the window reads "Get Your Centennial…

A large group of young girls wearing matching costumes. The girls are all wearing white dresses, tiaras, and starred badges with the exception of the girl in the center, identified as Miss Young, who wears a cape and carries a baton as well. The…

A photo of Clark Storey dressed in pioneer costume for the 1949 Centennial.

A large group of people identified by handwriting (both blue ink and pencil) on the photo itself. Back row left to right: Bill, Nell McBee, Margie, Lorey Williams, James Rayburn, Phil, Vic Sykes, Bernard Davis, Mataline Johnson, Mary Hutchinson, Nell…

A large group photo of seventeen women, all contestants for Queen of the Centennial. Sitting left to right: Barbara Jones, Shirley May Swift (Mack), Virginia Moody, Billie Bagett (Parker), Rebbecca Shoemake, Joan Aldridge; Standing: Annie May Carroll…

Mickey McGuire ("Lois Mickey McGuire" written on back) wears her Queen of the Centennial regalia while standing between Margaret Hagaman ("L. D.'s oldest sister" written on back) and Joan Powell. Both Margaret and Joan are wearing costumes…

Mickey Mcguire poses for a picture with Margaret Hagaman. Mickey is seated and wears a formal dress, flower corsage, and the Queen of the Centennial crown. Joan also wears Centennial regalia.

Woody Richardson wears a replica Civil War military uniform on a sidewalk as part of the 1949 Centennial, possibly in front of the Jones House in Boone, NC. He carries a rifle on his shoulder as well as a satchel. A road, two parked cars, some trees,…
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