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This image shows a sheet of 33 negatives. These images focus on a field, agriculture, cows, a house, and the Mast General Store. These images can be found in Series 02 of this collection. This sheet is labeled 2027.

This image shows a page from a botanical book, this page is about Ginseng. Similar pages can be seen in items 49-51 of this series.

This image shows a dirt road between two hay fields. The road is in the center of the image. There are two haystacks to the right of the image and two more in the distance on the left. There are a few trees in the fields themselves and the edge of…

This image shows a hillside farm that has a hay stack on the right in the image and a dirt road on the left. There are young crops between these two things. There is a ridge to the top left of the image and mountains can be seen in the distance.…

This image shows a man in the bottom left of the image gazing at a field of hay and corn. There are houses seen in the center of the image on the other side of these fields. There are two houses. There is a fence on the other side of the fields as…

This image shows a field that has young crops of tobacco and corn planted. There are sections of hay in the distance. This photo was likely taken in the summer based on indigenous trees in the image. A fence can be seen in the top right of the image…

This image shows a man standing along some large bushes on the left of the image. To the right of the image a field of hay or wheat stands uncut. There is a telephone near the center of the image and mountains can be seen in the distance. Based on…

This image shows four men riding a tractor going down King Street during a parade. The tractor has farming equipment attached. People stand on both sides of the street next to various cars. This slide was in Box 2 of 2.

This image shows a tractor with one man driving, two riding, down King Street as part of a parade. The front of the tractor has some kind of irrigation system attached to it. A large blade can be seen attached as well. Cars can be seen parked on King…

This image depicts the same scene as found in 01-099. Three men are working on stacking hay. One man stands on a half completed stack, one shirtless man stands by and watches another older man lift hay with a pitchfork. The roof of a barn or house…
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