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This image appears to have been taken during a dairy cow judging at the Watauga County Fair. A large cow stands in the middle of a room with men in suits looking at it from behind a metal wall. Observers can be seen in the forefront of the image as…

This image shows a small Holstein calf attached to a leash that an unidentified individual holds. A barn sits in the background. This is likely from the Greene family farm in Bethel, NC.

This image shows a man on a tractor in a field. Another man stands behind the tractor adjusting the plow with a large truck nearby. This appears to be the process of harvesting silage in Bethel, NC.

This image shows a display for the Watauga County Extension Service at Progress Day in Boone, NC. The display shows an increased corn yield for every decade between 1934-1954, with an estimated yield for 1964. A sign reads "FIVE STEPS To Higher Corn…

This image shows a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farmers Home Administration display at Progress Day in Boone, NC. The display features information about "supplementing private & cooperative credit." A row of pamphlets sit attached…

This image shows a 4-H display with dolls and a toy car. A large shamrock in the back of the display has the letter "H" on four leaves. The text at the top of the display reads "OUR 4-H PLEDGE IN ACTION." A small American flag sits among the dolls.…

A display for the Soil Conservation Service at Progress Day in Boone, NC. There is a large sign over a table that reads "SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE, ASSISTING WATAUGA SOIL CONSERVATION DISTRICT, MANAGE SOIL, WATER BY CONSERVATION FARMING." The table…

This image is slightly blurry. It appears to be of a collection of display booths in a warehouse. The focus of the image is of a backdrop labeled "Industry We Move Spiritually Together." Agriculture, religion, and education along with the verse "I…

This image appears to be an explanation slide. The slide states "Agriculture is big business." Image in a box addressed to WC Richardson June 30, 1955. Image appears to date to circa 1955.

A green pasture extends from a paved road up the steep hill. Several bare disiduous trees are scattered along the side of the road and the background. The foreground land is scattered with agricultural detritus. A single car passes along the road.…
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