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This item is a black and white photograph of two young women sitting on the steps of a large stone building. They are both wearing dresses and one woman has glasses. The building appears to be Chapell Wilson Hall at Appalachian State University in…

This item is a black and white photograph of a group of teenagers on a stage. It appears as though they are students putting on a play. One student is aiming a slingshot at another student in the photograph. Others stand around a long table. There is…

This item is a black and white photograph of a group of young women. They young women appear to be wearing some kind of scout uniform while posing for a photograph. This image was on page 77 of the scrapbook. It is reported that this is a photograph…

This item is a black and white photograph of three young women sitting in the grass in front of a stone building. All three woman appear to be wearing mid-length white dresses and heeled shoes. It is reported that the young women are Virginia, Vera,…

This item is a black and white photographic print of Erma Norris and a friend standing in the snow in front of Appalachian High School in the late 1940s. Appalachian High School is currently Chapell Wilson Hall, part of Appalachian State University.…

A group of recent graduates is wearing their regalia and standing together outside, posing for a photograph. Many of the graduates are holding rectangular parcels in their hands. The women in the front row appear to all be wearing white dress shoes.…

Image shows a group of students playing in the snow in front of a three-story building. One of the persons has a sweater or jacket on with the letter "A" on the right, suggesting he is a student at either Appalachian High School or Appalachian State…

Taken from the road, this image shows a fall scene on campus at Appalachian State. Down the road to the right is the Appalachian High School building.

Taken from the sidewalk in front of Appalachian High School, this image shows the administration building at Appalachian State Teacers College.

This image shows Appalachian High School on the Appalachan State Teachers College campus as it appeared in 1949.
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