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This modern reprint from an historic photograph shows heavy machinery preparing to do the grading of the old Linville River Railway bed for conversion to modern-day Rivers Street in the early 1970s. Edwin Duncan Hall at Appalachian State University…

Image shows a woman in a pantsuit standing next to a two-door car, possibly on the campus of Appalachian State University.

A color slide showing a man and a woman ride in a horse-drawn cart (with a man on horseback to the left) in the Wagon Train parade down King Street in Boone. The Wagon Train, which traveled over multiple days from Wilkes County to Boone, began as a…

This color slide shows two horses pulling a wagon in the Wagon Train parade down King Street. The Wagon Train, which traveled over multiple days from Wilkes County to Boone, began as a celebration of the 300th anniversary of the founding of North…

This color slide shows an alleyway leading to a south-facing view of Appalachian State University. The notation on the slide reads "access to ASU."

This color slide shows a view of Appalachian State University, including Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts and Hayes School of Music.

This color slide shows a south-facing view the Hayes School of Music and other Appalachian State University buildings from a downtown apartment building parking lot.

This color slide shows an Appalachian State University banner on a lightpole at the southwest corner of King Street and Appalachian Street. King Street businesses Carolina Business Machines, Appalachian Tees, and Macado's Restaurant can be seen on…

This color slide shows the Raley Parking Lot on Rivers Street at Appalachian State University. The tall brown building in the background is the Schaefer Center. The shorter brown building at right is the Broyhill Music Center.

A sheet of three photographs showing a plume of smoke rising from Appalachian State University's Steam Plant. The smoke stack would be torn down in 1973. To the right the Services Annex building can be seen. The Annex housed the University's laundry…
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