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This photo features a baby wearing a cap while lying in a stroller. Behind the baby there are multiple telephone poles visible along with several billboards posted to a fence and a large, Victorian house. The number "507" is stamped on the back.

This small portrait, about an inch square, shows a woman holding a baby. Both the woman and baby are dressed in white.

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This portrait shows a baby beaming happily as he poses for the camera. The baby is sitting on something and holding one of his feet. A note in ink on the rear reads, "This is Joseph at 5 mos. Made on Thanksgiving Day."

This image features a baby sitting on several cushions, apparently outdoors. The baby is wearing long white clothing, and there are several plants in the background.

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This real photo postcard features a baby sitting upright. The baby has short hair and is wearing a long, white gown. The baby is sitting on what looks to be a chair with a dark cloth draped over it.

This real photo postcard features a portrait of a baby seated at a miniature chair and table. The baby is wearing white clothing and a dark colored hat.

This image shows a baby in a dress laid out on a white pillow. A white blanket covers the baby. The mount is embossed with "H. M. Teague, Lenoir, NC." Teague was active in the first half of the twentieth century.

Two young children pose for an outdoor portrait together. The one on the left is standing, while the one on the right is sitting in a small chair and holding a baby in his arms. The name Frank Horton is written on the back of the print. Creasing of…

The William Horton family poses together for a portrait in front of a painted backdrop. The seated father is wearing a suit, the standing mother is wearing glasses, and the baby--propped on the father's lap--is wearing a loose shirt. The mount is…

Two babies, identified as the Horton twins by a notation on the back of the image, are posed for a photograph in a stroller. They are posed in matching clothes. The image is mounted on cardboard stock.
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