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This image shows the view to west into Bethel valley from top of George's Gap in North Carolina. A road sits in the far right of the image with wildflowers in the field beside it. A house or barn can be seen in the valley in the center of the image.…

This image shows a portrait of a young boy in a striped shirt. This was likely at the Bethel School in Bethel, NC.

This image shows a young woman with a scarf wrapped around her head holding a small child. An evergreen sits beside the two and a shed is visible in the background. They have been identified as Trocia Norris and Johnny P. Greene, Jr. The image was…

This image shows a young woman posing on the side of a dirt road. She is wearing a knee-length dress that has pom-poms going up the middle and around the collar. Her hair is in tight curls. This was likely taken in the Bethel, NC.

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This image shows a woman in a garden turning to look at the camera with a garden trowel in one hand. This woman has been identified as Grace Wilson Perry (1913-2010), wife of Frank Perry, in the garden at Clyde and Maggie Perry's house in Bethel, NC.…

This image shows two women, one holding a baby and one writing in a notebook, sitting on a couch. They have been identified as sisters Dorothy Virginia Farthing Greene and Betty Jean Farthing Hughes with baby Johnny P. Greene, Jr. A picture of a…

This image shows a man on a tractor in a field. Another man stands behind the tractor adjusting the plow with a large truck nearby. This appears to be the process of harvesting silage in Bethel, NC.

This image shows a young shirtless Johnny P. Greene, Jr., standing on a concrete mound. What appears to be an outdoor fireplace can be seen to the right. A house can be seen through the trees in the distance. This image was likely taken at Clyde…

This image shows two Adirondack chairs, one holding a hat and one occupied by Dudley Farthing Greene. The image was likely taken at Greene's home in Bethel, NC.

This image shows a large black and white spotted Holstein dairy cow on the Greene farm in Bethel, NC. The cow faces away from the photographer in a space enclosed by a wooden fence. A small kitten can be seen in the lower right of the image.
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