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This image shows a U-shaped building that looks like offices or living quarters. There is an American flag at full mast on a pole at the center of the U. There are a few cars parked to the right side of the building. There are people walking around…

Copy of Jim-Lai-01-194.jpg
This image shows Coy Johnson posing in front of a shed. The man is wearing a short sleeve polo shirt, pants, a belt, and shoes. There is a blanket laying on the floor near the man's feet. Behind him, there is a shed surrounded by naked branches,…

In this photo, two men are seen putting together a cabinet. The cabinet is upside down, and they seem to be measuring something on the cabinet. There is a bike at the bottom left corner of the image.

This blurry photo shows four adults, two women and two men, sitting around on a lawn outside of a house. In the foreground, a bicycle can be seen. 060A is written on the back of the photo.

In this photo, a small child sits on a toy bike while a Chihuahua stands nearby. A car can be seen in the background. Palmer's Photo Service Boone N.C. is written on the back of the photo.

This picture is a color slide of the 1963 Daniel Boone Wagon Train. The picture is of the parade participants gathering at the William J. Conrad Stadium parking lot. There is a gathering of people around a line of cars and a horse-drawn carriage. A…

This image shows a sheet of seven rows of negatives. The top rows feature images of quilts and woman showing them. The bottom rows feature images of a house, the interior of a home, and mountain scenes. This sheet of negatives has 2039 written on the…

This item is a black and white photograph of a young man with a bicycle. There is a fence behind him. Handwritten on the back is "Roby Farthing son of Wiley Farthing." There is an arrow pointing to Wiley Farthing and text that states, "son Dudley…

This item is a black and white photograph of a five-seater bicycle under a sign that reads "Orient Bicycles." According to the donor, Orient was a manufacturer of bicycles in the 1890s and was located in Waltham, MA. Just over the fence on the left…

This item is a faded black and white photograph of a five seated tandem bicycle. It is outside on what appears to be a bridge or road, but the location is unknown. Some buildings can bee seen faintly in the background.
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