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This image depicts a newspaper clipping from the Greensboro Record. At the top of the clipping, "Historic Houses. etc. N" is written in red pen. The clipping is of the article "Grand old hotel gets a face list" by David Stacks. The article has three…

This is an empty manila envelope that housed assorted newspaper clippings in this collection. On the outside of the envelope there is a list of various regions of Watauga County. The list includes: "Beech Mtn, Blowing Rock, Boone, Deep Gap, Seven…

This image depicts a brochure with two drawings, three photographs, and about five bodies of text. One image is of Daniel Boone looking at the sky with an image of Grandfather Mountain behind him. He is wearing his customary raccoon-skin hat. The…

This image shows a newspaper clipping from the News And Observer. At the top of the newspaper "Railroads N August 2 1959 news & Observer" is written in pencil. Above that, "tweetsie railroad. N" is written in red pen. The clipping is of the article…

This image shows a newspaper clipping from the Charlotte Observer. At the top of the page, the date "June 6, 1971" is written. "Tweetsie Railroad. N" is also written in red pen. Stamped near the bottom are the words "Property of the Library 4 1971…

This item is a black and white photograph of Rufus Edmisten and an adolescent boy. There is a building behind them to the right and a covered bus to the left. Edmisten is wearing a Sky Ranch Camp shirt. This item was found on the bottom right on page…

This image shows a view of the Blowing Rock looking to the southeast. There is a stamp of Hugh Morton's on the back of the photograph and a small, typed caption "the Blowing Rock."

This image shows a colorized postcard of the Blowing Rock. There is a caption on the back of the image identifying the location as the Blowing Rock and the photographer as Gene Aiken with a copyright in 1956.

This image shows Glenn Causey (1926-2000) in costume as Daniel Boone at Tweetsie Railroad in front of Engine No. 12. He shows a young boy how to handle his rifle. This photo was on the back of page 12 of the photo album.

This image shows a framed collection of postcards featuring scenes around Western North Carolina along the Blue Ridge Parkway. There is a caption along the bottom of the image that explains the coverage of the postcards. The postcards included in…
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