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A very old gravestone for Nathan Horton (1757-1824) with an attached brass plate reading "Revolutionary Soldier." The grave is located at the Old Three Forks Baptist Church Cemetery in Boone, North Carolina. An inscription written on the back of the…

First Presbyterian Church on Howard Street in Boone, North Carolina with a tree displaying autumn foliage. The congregation has since moved to a new location and the building now houses Appalachian State University's Howard Street Building. An…

A parked car alongside a fence, covered in snow. An inscription written on the back of the photograph reads: "Car at apt on Howard St, Boone, N.C. Jan, 1966."

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A parked 1955 or 1956 Ford Fairlane in the snow. A field and building are visible in the distance. An inscription written on the back of the photograph reads: "The country, Boone/April 1966-Where I lived."

A photograph shot from the window of an apartment near Howard St. showing snow covering yards and several buildings, including First Presbyterian Church (now the Howard Street Building of Appalachian State University). An inscription written on the…

A 1955 or 1956 Ford Fairlane parked beside a cinderblock garage. The hill beside the garage is covered in snow and several houses can be seen in the background. A notation written on the back of the photograph reads: "April, '66/ My apt + car."

Buildings on the campus of Appalachian State Teachers College. The brick building to the left, including the octagonal structure in the center, is Edwin Duncan Hall. The stone building in the background is Chapell Wilson Hall. The mountain in the…

A black and white photograph of a man and woman posing in front of a car parked on King Street in Boone, NC. Several businesses are visible in the background, including (left to right) Crest (now Anna Banana's), Farmer's Hardware (now the Shoppes at…

Modern reprint of image showing construction workers and carpenters outside of the Watauga County Bank Building and Boone Hardware, circa 1923. One of the individuals is believed to be Larkin Beech.

This photographic portrait of George William Horton (1920-1973) by Palmer Blair--likely dating to the early 1950s--was mixed in with other Blair materials found in the George Flowers Collection. It has since been repatriated to the Palmer Blair…
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