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Image shows seven women in a cabin at Camp Yonahlossee. There are bunkbeds in the room. Names are written on the ceiling. There appear to be windows along the top of the wall.

This image shows a lodge building in the woods that appears to have three units. The units all have an entrance with glass windows and doors. There is a lower level off the right side where cars are parked. Individual image on 616 film. Image appears…

In this image, several female campers stand and sit outside a cabin at Camp Yonahlossee.

This image shows part of the grounds at Camp Yonahnoka. There is a long row of what appears to be bunk houses for campers.

This image shows a snowy road with tire tracks on it. On either side of the road are snow covered trees. There is a small cabin to the right of the road.

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