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This image is a photograph of four people standing in front of Tatum Cabin (located at the Hickory Ridge Living History Museum). One person appears to be sweeping while another has an armful of firewood. Smoke can be seen rising from the chimney. A…

Image shows seven women in a cabin at Camp Yonahlossee. There are bunkbeds in the room. Names are written on the ceiling. There appear to be windows along the top of the wall.

This image shows a lodge building in the woods that appears to have three units. The units all have an entrance with glass windows and doors. There is a lower level off the right side where cars are parked. Individual image on 616 film. Image appears…

In this image, several female campers stand and sit outside a cabin at Camp Yonahlossee.

This image shows part of the grounds at Camp Yonahnoka. There is a long row of what appears to be bunk houses for campers.

This image shows a snowy road with tire tracks on it. On either side of the road are snow covered trees. There is a small cabin to the right of the road.

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