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This photo shows four older adults, two men and two women, standing around a stone cooking pit as meat in a pan is cooking on the fire under it. The woman closest to the camera is holding a knife. They are all looking at the camera, and you can see…

This image shows a sheet of seven rows of negatives. The top rows feature images of a river and a KOA Campground. The middle rows feature images of many cars parked together, a house being built, and highways. The bottom rows feature images of…

This image shows the same couple as seen in 05-035. They sit on and rest against a car that has a camper hitched to it. Several other campers can be seen in the background. The couple still has on their cowboy costumes, boots, and hats.

This image shows what appears to be a campground. Tents and campers can be seen all around an open field that sits below mountains. What looks like the moon is visible in the sky in the left of the image. Cars are also visible. The right half of the…

This image shows the diving board at Camp Fiesta. Three teenagers--two girls and a boy--stand on the diving board attached to a small shed at the edge of the water. A larger home is visible in the background. A caption on the rear of the image reads,…

This image shows various swimmers enjoying the lake at Camp Fiesta. There are several kids standing and sitting around a diving board. There is a ladder coming out of the water to the diving board. One swimmer wearing a swim cap is visible in the…

This image shows a body of water at Camp Fiesta. A caption on the rear of the image reads, "1947, Camp Fiesta." Camp Fiesta appears to have been a campground near Shulls Mill that was active in 1947.
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