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This photo features a woman standing just behind a small-trunked tree. She is slightly out of focus. Behind her there is an old automobile enshrouded by a tree and a building with a white roof. A stamp on the back appears to indicate the image was…

Image shows a house on a street after a heavy snowfall. There is a car in front of the house. There is a tall tree on each side of the house. It appears that there are bright lights on behind the house. A brick wall is in front of the house by the…

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A parked car alongside a fence, covered in snow. An inscription written on the back of the photograph reads: "Car at apt on Howard St, Boone, N.C. Jan, 1966."

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A parked 1955 or 1956 Ford Fairlane in the snow. A field and building are visible in the distance. An inscription written on the back of the photograph reads: "The country, Boone/April 1966-Where I lived."

A 1955 or 1956 Ford Fairlane parked beside a cinderblock garage. The hill beside the garage is covered in snow and several houses can be seen in the background. A notation written on the back of the photograph reads: "April, '66/ My apt + car."

A group poses for a portrait in front of a building. Most of the men are wearing overalls, while the women wear dresses. It's possible that this is a family reunion image in front of an old home place. There are old automobiles to the left and right.…

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This photograph shows four women wearing identical shawls and gowns. Three of the women wear hats with stars on them. Behind them, Watt Gragg sits behind the wheel of a car and smokes a pipe. The image was likely taken as part of the 1949 Watauga…

A car dives down a road between two snowbanks that are as tall as the car itself, probably during the infamous 1960 Blizzard. The Daniel Boone Monument is visible at extreme left near the bottom of the hill. "Leo F. Sawyer 203 Appalachian St." is…

This photograph shows a parked car surrounded by nearly two feet of snow, possibly during the infamous 1960 Blizzard. In the background are tall brick buildings that appear to be part of the Appalachian State Teachers College campus.

This photograph shows a car with a driver and three passengers posing in conjunction with the 1949 Watauga County Centennial Parade. The notation "Set 3" appears on the back in pencil.
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