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This image shows the Watauga Centennial Parade. A sign on the back of a truck advertising for Craven Furniture reads "come to Boone July 5 to 10 for Watauga Centennial, Craven Furniture Co. Complete Home Furnishers." Behind the truck two men walk…

This image shows a man and a woman posing in front of a storefront wearing older fashioned clothing than the presumed date of the photograph. The woman wears a large bonnet tied in a bow around her neck, and belted dress. The man wears a cap with a…

This item is a scan of a short article about the Mast Store Annex Centennial. The date "August 6, 2009" is handwritten in the margin. This image appears on page 18 of the W. W. Mast Family "Mast Store & V. C." Scrapbook.

This item is a black and white photograph of a woman wearing a white trimmed long dress with a bonnet. She appears to be sitting on a brick column next to a building. it is reported that this woman is Emily Margaret Eller Maxwell in a dress she made…

This item is a black and white newspaper mock up. The print is not scanned but reads "First Baptist Looking For Old Photographs. For many years this landmark structure on North Main Street served as home to the members of First Baptist Church. The…

This photograph shows three men dressed in pioneer costumes, probably during the 1949 Watauga County Centennial. The man in the left of the photo leads a mule and carries a powderhorn. The other two men long hold rifles. The notation "Set 3" appears…

In this photograph, Clark Storie smokes a corn-cob pipe standing next to two women in black dresses. They are dressed in pioneer costumes for the 1949 Watauga County Centennial celebration. The notation "Set 3" appears on the back in pencil.

This photograph shows a man, possibly a Horton, dressed in a Federalist period military uniform. He holds a sword in his right hand and a revolver in his left. He stands near the horse he rode in the Centennial parade. This image was likely shot as…
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