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This image shows four children playing volleyball in an open field. There is a pond in the background of the image. One of the children had just served the ball and the other team was preparing to knock it back.

This image shows a woman and a man sitting on the ground with two children. They sit in front of a car. The man holds the two small children in his lap. The handwritten caption around the image reads "Ed and family. Eddie is Shy!" The man and…

This image shows five people gathered in front of a tree or bush sitting for the photograph. There is a child sitting to the far right of the image. Two men stand in the center with suits and ties while three women sit in front of them, sharing one…

This image shows a toddler standing staring at the camera with a frown. There is a man sitting to the left on the ground with a younger child in his lap. There are two cars behind those in the image. The handwritten caption under the image reads…

This image shows a man, likely Dudley Farthing Greene, sitting with four children playing with some puppies. The man sits with a tie on while the children seem to be in overalls, dresses, and t-shirts. There is a fence seen in the background.

This image shows a young child sitting in the lap of someone who is cut off by the camera. Someone can be seen lounging in the distance. The caption reads "Jimmy in a serious moment."

This image shows a young girl standing in a yard. She has blonde hair and wears a short dress. She has something around her neck, maybe a camera or binoculars. The handwritten caption underneath the image reads "Sylvia Jean poses!" in blue ink.

This image shows a family picnic outside. There is a car parked to the left of the image. There are several people sitting on the ground around the image, and a toddler stands to the left of the image near a woman sitting on a chair. A man sits with…

This image shows a man with two small kids on his lap as he sits on the ground. They sit in front of an older model car that is parked next to another car. The two young kids are sitting calmly. The man has on pants and a long sleeve button up shirt…

This image shows a young family posing for the camera. A man, a woman, and four young blonde children stand on a dirt road with a fence and rocky outcropping behind them. The man and woman smile while three of the children look at the camera while…
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