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This image shows a young boy in overalls smiling at the camera. A grill of an older model car can be seen to the right of the child. A fence can be seen in the background along with grassy fields. This image has a handwritten caption in blue ink that…

This image shows an older man laying in the grass as a young boy lays on him. There is a group of other men and women, and children, gathered to the right of the image who look on in amusement. These people are placed in the shade of a nearby tree.…

This image shows a woman, likely Madge Greene Mast, with two young girls posed in a grassy yard. The woman stares at the camera as she sits in a chair with one young blonde girl standing next to her and a younger blonde girl leaning against her lap…

This photo shows a young boy standing next to a mailbox as his picture is being taken. Behind the boy, a farm field that has yet to be planted can be seen.

This photo shows a swing set in front of a sizeable plantation-style house. A man and a child, perhaps a girl, play next to the swing set. To the right, a large brick stack rises into the air. Behind the large trees on the left, a bus can be seen…

In this photo, a tiny baby is holding onto an outdoor chair. The image appears to be taken on an outdoor porch.

This photo shows two young boys, each wearing bathrobes, standing on the front porch of a house.

In this photo, a woman and a small boy stand in the yard of a house. The boy is on the right and is holding a toy gun, while the woman is on the left and is holding a small dog in her left hand. A large field that turns to forested hillsides is in…

This photo shows a woman holding a newborn baby in her arms. The baby is wrapped in a blanket, and the woman sits on a couch. "Palmer' Photo Service Boone, NC" is written on the back of the image.

In this photo, a young boy in a nice shirt and dress pants, with a tie and suspenders, is leaning on the brick balcony of a set of steps outside a house. He is looking at the camera as the picture is taken.
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