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This image shows a woman posing for a photo in front of a mantel in a living room during Christmas time. The woman appears to be the woman in images 007, 008, and 009. The living room and mantel appear to be the same as 002 and 008. There is a…

This image shows a woman and several generations of men. It appears to be a grandfather, father, and child eating dinner together at Christmas time. This photo shows another angle of the table in the dining room also shown in image 010. Image five of…

This image shows a group of men, women, and children around a table during Christmas time. It appears that they have finished or are at the end of dinner. One of the older women and a child appear to be the same as those in image 002. They appear to…

This image shows a portion of a Christmas tree with lights. Image four of a strip of five 35 mm negatives.

This image shows children holding presents with a Christmas manger scene displayed on a table behind them. The children appear to be the same children and in the same living room as those in image one on the strip of negatives. Image appears to date…

This portrait of Mrs. N. L. Mast, sent as a Christmas greeting in 1905, shows Mrs. Mast with dark hair that is put up. She is wearing dark clothes and has a lace covering over her shoulders and front. A caption on the back reads, "A Merry Christmas…

In this image, Jane Rivers is seated in a chair in the Rivers House (R. L. Clay House) while a man believed to be Paul Armfield Coffey stands nearby. The two had gathered for a family Christmas celebration in 1971.

In this image, several guests at the Rivers House (R. L. Clay House) for Christmas 1971 are seated and standing throughout the room. Seated in the far right corner may be Rachel Rivers and Jane Rivers.

Seen in this image is Jane Rivers posing with her new jacket in front of the fireplace of the Rivers House (R. L. Clay House) during Christmas 1971.

Seen in this image are Rachel Rivers (center) and an unidentified woman. They are likely seated in an upstairs room of the Rivers House (R. L. Clay House) during Christmas 1971.
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