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This image shows Hunter Lee Heavner dressed as a conductor posing in front of a Christmas tree. The boy's conductor outfit is complete with a tie and a hat. The Christmas tree behind the boy has lights, bows, and ornaments on it and a tree skirt…

This image shows a living room decorated for Christmas. Two people can be seen holding their respective presents and preparing to open them. One is seated on a leather couch and the other is sitting on the floor. Behind them, there is a Christmas…

This picture is a color slide of the Palmer Blair house in 1961. On the slide, "4" is written in marker. The Still Image is pink due to Still Image degradation. The picture shows Marsha Bagley standing near a small, synthetic Christmas tree on a…

This picture is a color slide of Poplar Hill Drive during the winter of 1960-1961. On the slide, "Winter 60-61" is written in pen. The image is tinted blue due to Still Image degradation. This picture is of the Palmer Blair house after the blizzard…

This image shows Christmass lights in the shape of a train, with the letters TRR below it. This is at Tweetsie Railroad around the holidays. The bottom margin of the photograph has "Fletcher 4 col." and "Lights" written in pen or marker

This image shows a portion of a Christmas tree with lights. Image four of a strip of five 35 mm negatives.
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