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This image shows three young women sitting outdoors at a picnic. One woman sits on a chair while two others sit on the ground. All seem to be wearing dresses. Based on the indigenous trees in the image this was in the summertime. There is a…

This image shows a family picnic outside. There is a car parked to the left of the image. There are several people sitting on the ground around the image, and a toddler stands to the left of the image near a woman sitting on a chair. A man sits with…

This image shows four people standing outside of a wooden home. From left to right is likely an unknown young woman, Dudley Farthing Greene, Dorothy Farthing Greene, and Hattie Greer Greene. The house features a brick chimney on the left of the…

This image shows a woman with her hands in front of her leaning against an open screen door. She wears a dark dress with a belted waist. A table can be seen set behind her in the house. This woman is likely Hattie Greer Greene.

This image shows a man standing to the left of the image with his hand in his pocket while a woman sits in a chair to the left of the image closer to the camera. The man wears slacks held by suspenders, and a white button up shirt. The woman sits in…

This image shows at least two men on a boat in uniform. In the distance a mountain can be seen across the water. The oars of a nearby boat can be seen in the far left of the image.

This image shows four young men standing in a row for the camera. Three of the men are in overalls while the man on far right is in uniform. Two men on the right have their hands in their pockets while the two men on the right have their hands on…

This image shows a man leaning against an Army jeep. The lettering on the jeep is faded but may read "ATC WCK-2" with a white star. The man is in coveralls and a hat. His legs are crossed, and no one sits in the jeep. A tarp has been tied to create…

This is a portrait of a tiny baby boy. He is wearing overalls and is looking directly at the camera.

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This image shows a woman standing in front of a motorhome. The woman is wearing glasses, a necklace, and a dress. The motor home is painted two different colors. There are windows and a door visible on the motor home. The image has a decorative…
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