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Small black and white photograph of sewer repair.

This image shows a man operating an excavator on King Street in Downtown Boone, and is taking up large portions of the sidewalk. The Jones House is visible in the background to the right. The bottom margin of the photograph says "Fletcher 3 col." and…

Black and white photograph of construction at Mt. Vernon Church.

Black and white photograph of the construction of the Linville by- pass.

Medium black and white photograph of the 421 E. building.

A group poses for a portrait in front of a building. Most of the men are wearing overalls, while the women wear dresses. It's possible that this is a family reunion image in front of an old home place. There are old automobiles to the left and right.…

This item is a black and white portrait of a young girl standing with a wheelbarrow. The image has been altered with colored paint. There appears to be a hat in the wheelbarrow. Behind her is a brick building and another wheelbarrow.

This item is a portrait of two women sitting outside. This is a black and white photograph that has been altered, with blue coloring in the sky, and red in the left woman's jacket. Behind the women is a house that appears to be in the middle of…

This item is a black and white photograph of two unidentified girls. They appear to be posing for a photograph while holding their noses like they are swimming. They are standing on a long wooden board raised off of the ground. This is possibly part…

Handwritten on the back is "Edgewood Cottage player." The date AUG/2/07 is circled on the back as well. Photograph appears on page 36 of the Blowing Rock Historical Society Edgewood Cottage Scrapbook. This image shows a sign for the Edgewood Cottage…
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