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This image shows a group of children dressed up in costumes, standing on the edge of a covered porch together. They are wearing dresses, jewelry, and hats. One of the children is wearing wayfarer style glasses.

This image is a photograph of Toni Swint, Katie, Audrey, Betsy, Addie Townsend, and Heidi (as labeled in the caption) in Wild West Costumes on a photoshoot set. They appear to be in the same location as that in item 230 of this series. All of the…

This image is a photograph of Diana Mast White (left) and two children, identified as Betsy and Heidi. They girls are presumably Betsy Jean Tester and Heidi Suzanne Tester, grandchildren of Sarah Carolyn Mast. They are dressed in Wild West costumes…

This is a photograph of a girl in a red dance costume, identified as "Audrey." It is presumably Audrey Lynn Tester, granddaughter of Sarah Carolyn Mast and Lloyd Rogers. This image appears on page 30 of the W. W. Mast Family North Carolina Scrapbook

This is a photograph of Frank Mast dressed as Uncle Sam, presumably on the Fourth of July (no year given). He is standing in front of a blue building with large windows. It appears that sound equipment has been set up behind him. This image appears…

This image shows children in costume marching in a Christmas parade down King Street. There are several clowns and presents, as well as a single angel. To the left the Daniel Boone Hotel (since torn down) can be seen.

This image shows a real black bear standing behind a sign that reads, "Welcome to Grandfather Mountain Mildred the Bear." The bear is presumably Mildred, who was a resident of Grandfather Mountain State Park in North Carolina. A person in a bear…

This image shows a train stop with four people waiting on a bench. The train in the background has people in the cars and on the stairs boarding the train. There is an exit sign and a sign for restrooms near the bench. The two women sitting appear to…

This image shows numerous female campers dressed in Native American costumes while various other campers look on. A bonfire is visible at extreme right.

In this image, multiple female campers dressed in Native American costume at Camp Yonahlossee perform in front of a large crowd of gathered campers. Wood is stacked at the center of the image for a bonfire.
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