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This image shows the dentist's office on the second floor of the Appalachian Theatre. The dentist is at work on a female patient. The Daniel Boone Hotel can be seen out the window. This slide was in Box 2 of 2.

This image shows a dentist in a smock leaning over a patient whose head sits in a headrest. A long metal tool reaches over to the patients face from above. A large lamp points down over the two individuals and a small table sits below it. A counter…

This image shows a dentist leaning in front of a female patient that faces away from the camera with her head in a headrest. A cabinet of various vials is visible in the right of the image with a box of Kleenex on top. A small, movable table and tool…

Small black and white photograph of Dr. Graham with his camera and patient.

This image shows a man, identified as a Dr. Jack Lawrence, practicing dental medicine in his office in Boone, NC. He is performing a dental checkup on a patient. He is wearing wayfarer style glasses on his face, and a watch on his left wrist. A woman…

A man is standing outside in front of a building holding a cast of a set of human teeth in his hands in front of him. He is wearing a plain white collared button-up short sleeve shirt with a pen placed in his left breast pocket of his shirt. He is…

This image shows the arrangement of the entire Lawrence-Glenn Collage in Series 1 while out of its frame. This reference image should be used to better understand the collage arrangement of the images in Series 1 in the context of the collage as a…

This image shows Dr. Jack Lawrence working on a patient in his operatory before a fire at his dentist practice on Faculty Street on August 27, 1982. See Mar-Law-01-012 for a view of this room following the fire.

This group of three overlapping images shows Dr. Jack Lawrence's dental practice in the Appalachian Theatre building. The first image, at upper left, shows Dr. Jack Lawrence working at a standing desk. At upper right is an image of "Susan," who is…

This image shows Dr. Jack Lawrence "examining" Dr. Ria Harris as an employee identified only as "Susie" looks on. This image was taken in one of the examining rooms of Dr. Jack Lawrence's second practice location on Faculty Street ("present office"…
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