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This color slide shows a yellow awning on what appears to be the east side of South Depot Street in downtown Boone. The awning has a red lipstick kiss printed on it.

Located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Depot Street and what would become Rivers Street, the Boone Bus Station was built in 1946 and served as home to a number of businesses. This image shows the building as it appeared in November…

This color slide shows Boone Honda on the west side of Depot Street in Downtown Boone. The slide is numbered "15."

This print, which is a copy from an unknown original, was donated by Bobby Snead to the Boone Cultural Resources Department about 2011. The image, taken from the roof of the Shell Cafe on the southeast corner of the intersection of Depot and King…

This photograph shows children parading down King Street during the 1952 Spring Clean Up Parade. Two boys in the front hold a sign that reads, "LETS DRESS UP OUR TOWN." At upper left is the Jones House, while the intersection of Depot and King…

This color slide shows the builidng on the west side of South Depot Street that today houses Magic Cycles and Farmer's Ski Shop.

Scene shows the east side of Depot Street. Palmer's Photo Shop is visible at center. Kay's Lunches, the Economy Store, and W.R. Winkler's Ford dealership are visible to the south. Taxis from John's Cabs are parked on the east side of the street. …

Scene shows downtown Boone facing west down King St. Hunt's Department Store is visible on the right. The Boone Drug Building, the Hamby & Winkler Building, and the Belk Building are visible on the left. Depot St. crosses King near the center of the…

This color slide shows buildings on the south side of King Street. Pictured are Farmer's Hardware, Centura Bank, and Nations Bank. Depot Street can be seen on the left.

This rare view of the flooding on August 13, 1940, in Downtown Boone was taken from the second floor of the W. R. Winkler Building (the east part of Mast General Store today), looking west toward the intersection of King and Depot Streets. The…
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