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This image shows an older couple kneeling down in their yard, posing for a photograph. Each of them is wearing metal frame glasses. A small dog is sitting on the ground in front of them.

This image shows an older gentleman sitting outside on a bench, holding a small child in his lap. He is wearing simple metal frame glasses. The small child is looking towards a dog, which is sitting on the bench beside of the man's left leg.

This image shows an older gentleman pushing a small child around in a wheelbarrow outside. He is wearing simple metal frame glasses, a short sleeve collared button-up shirt, slacks, and casual shoes. A small dog is following alongside them.

This image shows a young woman sitting outside in a grassy area, holding a small child in her lap. To her right, a girl is sitting on the ground and holding onto a terrier puppy.

This image shows a row of trees and a fenced in area. A small wooden building with a metal roof can be seen at the far left end of the fence. A larger wooden building can be seen within the background, across from the fenced in area. A dog is sitting…

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This image shows a beagle standing on a wooden platform outside, preparing to be evaluated for judging in a dog show. The beagle is facing to the left, and is wearing a collar. A man wearing metal frame glasses, a collared long sleeve plaid button-up…

This image shows a man standing outside near some large rocks, holding the hand of a small child wearing overalls. In his left hand, the man is holding onto the leash of two hound dogs that are walking just in front of him. A wooden barn, trees, a…

This image is a profile photograph of a beagle.

This image shows a god climbing up on the edge of a wooden building to receive attention from a man and child that are standing on the other side of a fence, outside. The man is holding a small child in his left arm and petting the dog's neck with…

This image shows the inside of a wooden building, crowded with children and their dogs for a showing. The competitors are lined up in horizontal rows.
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