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This item is a black and white photograph of a woman. She appears to have part of her hair pulled back and be wearing long earrings. She is wearing a striped shirt with a jacket or vest. Handwritten in the bottom margin, partly cut off, it reads "all…

This item is a color photograph of the left side of a woman's face. She is wearing gold hoop earrings. Just on the other side of her is what appears to be a cordless telephone. The woman has been identified as Louise Hagler Goins.

This item is a black and white studio portrait of a young woman. She is wearing a high collar blouse and long earrings. It is reported that the woman is Velma Folk.

This item is a black and white portrait of an older woman. She is wearing glasses and has her hair pulled up possibly in a bun. She is wearing studded earrings. The woman is reported to be Nelia Williams.
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