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Portrait of L-R: Delia, Ben, Gladys, William Judson, Stella, Aubyn, and George Farthing. Scan is from modern reproduction of original image. List on front of photo confirms names as listed.

Portrait of L-R: Gladys, Aubyn, Ben, Delia, Elsie, and Stella Farthing. Scan is from modern reproduction of original image. Listing on back confirms names as listed.

Portrait of Ben Farthing as a child with his family. Scan is from modern reproduction of original print. Note on rear in Baxter Farthing's hand reads: About 1893. Ben Farthing on left. Aunt Stella in middle. Uncle Aubyn on Grandma's lap. Probably…

Portrait of Thomas Brown "Bull" Farthing with his wife and children. William Judson Farthing, born 1867, is at far right. According to Mary Farthing Mast, "Bull" Farthing rode with JEB Stuart's cavalry, prompting the latter to remark, "If I had a…

Image shows various grandchildren of Richard Farthing posing with him in 1928, presumably at his farm. Back Row, L-R: Frances, Dixie, Lucy, Laura, Benjy, Barton, Loy, Ray, Raymond. Front Row, L-R: Vann, Madeline, Richard Farthing, Louis, Glenn, Dick,…

Portrait of L-R: Raymond Farthing, Roy Farthing, and Toonce Bentley, with Grandma Farthing standing behind them. Image is on the porch of Grandpa Farthing's farm. The dog is unidentified. Scan is from modern print of original image. Text on the back…

Portrait of the Ben Farthing family, L-R: Wheeler Farthing, Frances Farthing, Ben Farthing, Dixie Farthing, Laura Farthing, Raymond Farthing. Notations on rear of photo confirm these names. Scan is from a modern print of the original image.
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