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This image is a photograph of Albert Calloway on a tractor, no date indicated. He is in a grassy area in front of a large pond. This is a loose image in the W. W. Mast Family North Carolina Scrapbook.

This item is a color postcard showing two images. One image is the exterior of the Azalea Garden Motel showing the sign, parking lot, and exterior of the building. The second image shows a white fence and landscaped area. Visible through the branches…

This image shows a woman holding an infant in the air, in front of the viewer. She is standing outside in a grassy area, across from a small fenced in area. She is wearing a patterned dress with an apron tied around her waist. The infant is wearing a…

This image shows a young child sitting on a blanket outside. Trees and a fence can be seen in the background. Illegible script can be seen in the bottom margin of the image. Middle right photograph found on Page 10 of the Richardsons of Boone Drug…

This image shows children playing in an outdoor sandbox together. They are sitting inside of a wooden sandbox, underneath large trees. Near the sandbox a metal frame swing set can be seen. A wooden fence surrounds the perimeter of the yard. Beyond…

This item is a black and white photograph of the back of a stone house. There is a flowering bush behind the house. A wooden picket fence surrounds the yard. This item is part of the Harrison-Boone-Grimes Family Home Collection of images.

This item is a black and white postcard of a large building. It appears to be the same as that seen in item 007 of this series. Text indicates it to be a Baptist Church in Boone, NC. There is a wooden fence across the street from the church and…

This image shows two women standing front of a bush full of blooming flowers. In the background is a pond. The caption above the photograph reads "Aug 1983 Barbara Sue Lucy." It is presumed that Lucy is Lucy Mast Olsen. The image appears in the…

This image shows two young boys standing along a road. One boy is cradling something in his arms. The date Jun 70 is stamped in the bottom margin. Handwritten above the image on the scrapbook page is Barry Dean Reese and Allen Mast. The image appears…

This image shows three beagle puppies that are sitting or standing in a dirt area within a fenced in area. One of them is wagging its tail, the other two are sitting in front of the chicken wire fence with their noses held up to it.
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