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This image depicts a newspaper clipping from the Greensboro Daily News. At the top of the clipping, "Moses H. Cone Memorial Park. N" is written in red pen. The clipping is of the article "Moses Cone Memorial Park Beauty Spot For America's Great…

This was the only item found on page 18. The article was originally folded to fit in Rufus Edmisten's scrapbook labeled "Birth-Appointment on Ervin's staff, Volume 1." The title of the article is "Weather Terrible--Fishing, Too--On Opening Day Of…

This item is a black and white photograph of two young men fishing in a river. It appears to be a cold day based on their clothing. There is a small structure in the background between the boys. The photograph was featured in the accompanying…

This image shows a sheet of negatives with seven rows of images. The top rows feature images of a porch near a river. The middle rows feature a man fishing along a river. The bottom rows feature houses and mountain scenes. This sheet of negatives has…

This item is a black and white partial photograph of a young woman. She is wearing a cloche hat and appears to be holding a fishing pole. The left side of the image that is noted to show another person has been removed. Handwritten on the back is…

This item is a black and white photograph of two women holding fishing poles outside. Handwritten on the back is "Ellen Harbin, Callie Shell."

This item is a black and white photograph of a man in a suit standing on a large boulder in front of a mill dam. He is holding a fishing pole.

This image shows a young boy sitting in a half sunken canoe pulling a small fish from the water. He has a hat on and holds a long fishing pole. The water he fishes in seems to be a pond or lake with no current. There is forest on the other side of…

This item is a black and white photograph of James Brady Mast and Myrtie Herring Mast sitting on a stone or concrete wall. There appears to be a wooden structure behind them to the right, similar to the wooden bridge seen in other items in this…

This item is an overview scan of page 40 in the James Mast scrapbook. It features two images with captions.
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