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This photo shows a man and woman standing beside a table that contains a formal punch bowl, cups, and flowers. The man and woman are standing right next to one another, and the man has his right arm around the woman. The woman is wearing a dress,…

This newspaper clipping shows the officers of the Alpha Delta Kappa international honorary sorority for women educators. The image includes Rebecca Hamrick, Helen Wells, Dorothy Dunn, Dorothy Greene, and Margaret Brown.

This photo shows a statue of a woman in a grove of trees. Flowers are planted around the base of the figure. In the background, a person can be seen walking to the left. This image is Photo Three of Book Four of the Williamsburg and Jamestown Trip.

In this photo, an orchard can be seen to the right, and a garden to the left. A small dirt path runs between the orchard and the garden. In the middle of the picture is a small tree, possibly an apple or peach tree. This image is Photo Twenty-One of…

This photo shows the front yard of a colonial house and a colonial garden growing in the yard. In the image's foreground, a picket fence can be seen, while in the background, ivy is growing on the fence next to the house. This image is Photo Eighteen…

This picture shows a man in a garden picking types of flowers. He is wearing a suit and is kneeling. Large trees can be seen in the background.

In this photo, older men can be seen standing side by side while a picture is taken of them. The man on the right seems to have his right hand on the man's left arm on the photo's left side. An old picture of a woman hangs behind the men. The man on…

This photo is of a flower bed. In the bed are a few different types of flowers. A house wall can be seen in the background.

This portrait shows a bride in her wedding dress. She is holding a large bouquet of flowers and is smiling at the camera. Palmer's Photo Service Boone N.C. is written on the back of the image.

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This image shows a woman posing in front of flowers near a mobile home. The woman is standing in front of a rose bush and wearing glasses and a belted dress with buttons on the collar. Behind the rose bush, a mobile home is visible. The notation on…
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