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This image shows a woman, identified as Mattie Alice Hodges, posing in a large fur coat. She also wears a headscarf and gloves. She holds a handbag at her side.

This image shows two young woman posing outside in the dark. The woman on the left appears to be a nurse due to her cap. The woman on the right has been identified as Margaret Marie Hodges and wears what looks like a fur coat.

This image shows two young women, identified as sisters Margaret and Mattie Alice Hodges, posing together outside in matching outfits. The girls wear long dark skirts, fur-lined coats, and dark headbands around their foreheads. They stand in front of…

This image shows a young man, identified as Homer M. Barnes, wearing a winter World War II flight suit made of sheepskin. The suit includes a fur-lined coat, leather gloves and pants, a cap, and goggles. Snowy mountains can be seen beyond Barnes.…

This item is a black and white photograph of what appears to be a family. The woman at the center of the photograph is wearing a long coat with a fur collar. The woman next to her appears to have some type of animal on her shoulder, possibly a fox…

This item is a black and white photograph with a black patterned border of an unknown woman in a long fur coat posing at a rock formation. She is leaning on the large boulders. She has a ring on her left hand ring finger. It appears to possibly be…

This image shows a young woman, identified as Dorothy Virginia Farthing, (1923-1997), standing on a dirt road in a long, fur-collared coat. This is likely a farm in Bethel, NC. A fence can be seen beyond Dorothy, as well as a hill.

This image shows a male grocery store clerk speaking with a female customer as she browses a candy display. A number of products can be seen in the background of the image such as boxes of Oxydol and containers of shortening and sugar-cure. The woman…

This document is a newspaper clipping of a portrait of a young boy and girl. The boy appears to be wearing a sailor suit. They are standing behind a book on a small pedestal table. The back of the newspaper clipping shows a woman in a long fur coat…

This image shows a younger couple posing for a portrait in the front yard of a house. It appears to be the same location, house, and car as that in image 113. The couple appears to be the same as those in image 111, possibly on the same day. The…
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