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This item is a black and white photograph of Rufus Edmisten and an unknown teenager on a sidewalk. There are two American flags on either side of an iron gate behind them. The student looking at the camera has a camera around his neck. The image is…

This image shows the gates to the Daniel Boone Native Gardens in Boone. Some native wildflowers, black-eyed susans, can be seen in the foreground of the image. This postcard does have a caption on the back identifying the location of the Daniel Boone…

This image appears to be an entrance into Fort Montagu. It is found in New Providence Island Bahamas. There is a plaque on the front which says "Fort Montagu built by Captain Peter Henry Bruce. Foundation stone laid 10th of June 1741 by His…

This item is an unused color postcard of gardens with a large iron gate at the top of steps. Text indicates this to be Daniel Boone Native Gardens in Boone, NC. Handwritten in pencil on the back of the postcard is $0.25. The postcard was photographed…

This item is a color postcard of a gate house and gate leading up a mountain road. There is a car driving through the gate and two others parked in front of the building. Text indicates that this is the entrance to Grandfather Mountain on Highway 221…

This image shows trees after a snowfall. The trees have been covered with a heavy snow. Power lines and a wooden gate can be seen within the background.

This image shows a gateway with sweeping roofs sitting above a cobbled street. Tall buildings stand on either side of the street, with people and horses milling around below. Chinese lettering is visible on the gate. This is likely in Kunming, China.

Large trees and shrubbery can be observed in the background, all of which are heavily covered with snow. Snow blankets the ground. A closed gate is positioned between a large tree and a shrub. A fenced in area can be observed within the background.…

A man dressed in a tie and a flat brim hat is leading a bull by a rope. They are standing in a grassy area, across from a barn gate. On the slide mount, the number "355" is written along with, "1. Wat. S.C.A."

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