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Landscape view with Grandfather visible in the distance at the top of the image with a path at the bottom and woods between the photographer and the mountain. A caption on the back of the image reads, "Grandfather Mtn., 1925."

A color slide showing several houses alongside a dirt road in the mountains. Grandfather Mountain, with its distinctive profile, is visible in the center background. Grandfather Mountain became a major tourist destination in 1952, when landowner Hugh…

This image shows a little boy standing with his back to the camera. He is looking toward the view of the mountains and wearing a toy gun and holster. The superstructure of the swinging bridge on Grandfather Mountain appears to be at left in the…

This image shows Grandfather Mountain in the distance. "Elev. 5,964" is written on the negative, suggesting that the image may have been intended as a postcard.

Picture taken of participants in the Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain by George Flowers. The photo is labeled on the left hand side and was used presumably by a local newspaper.

Image shows, left to right, Bonnie Thomas, Glenda Thomas (Hubbard), Sylvia Thomas (Catron), and an unidentified woman standing on the bridge at Grandfather Mountain. Slide cardstock matches other images from 1958 in this collection, so the presumed…

Whiting House "Ottaray" at Shulls

Whiting House "Ottaray" at Shulls Mills

Black and white image of two women standing on top of Grandfather Mountain, posing for the camera in front of the Mile High Swinging Bridge.

Black and white image of a woman sitting on top of Grandfather Mountain with the Mile High Swinging Bridge in the background.
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