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This group of documents show special orders for men stationed overseas on July 3, 1943. Lists of people who would ship out are listed in the following pages. Johnny P. Greene is listed on 127-d.

This image shows a document listing men who were awarded the Good Conduct Medal in September 1943. There are 5 copies of this document in the collections. Johnny P. Greene is on the list.

This image shows a document regarding the positions of men in the "23rd Airways Det" and their specialties. Johnny P. Greene is listed as an Airplane Mechanic.

This image shows a document regarding this promotion of men in China in October of 1943. Those to be officials were hidden by a pasted piece of paper over their names. Johnny P. Greene is listed in the "To Be Sergeants" column.

This image shows a woman and a man sitting on the ground with two children. They sit in front of a car. The man holds the two small children in his lap. The handwritten caption around the image reads "Ed and family. Eddie is Shy!" The man and…

This image shows three men in uniform and three women with them. Behind them there is a diner that has a sign that advertises Anchor bar and grill. It is possible that Johnny Preston Greene and Dorothy Farthing Greene are the couple at the center.

This image shows a couple, likely Dudley and Hattie Greene, sitting in a doorway. The man, on the left, looks towards the left of the image while the woman sitting on the right looks towards the camera with a large smile. A screen door can be seen…

This image shows five people gathered in front of a tree or bush sitting for the photograph. There is a child sitting to the far right of the image. Two men stand in the center with suits and ties while three women sit in front of them, sharing one…

This image shows a toddler standing staring at the camera with a frown. There is a man sitting to the left on the ground with a younger child in his lap. There are two cars behind those in the image. The handwritten caption under the image reads…

This image shows a man, likely Dudley Farthing Greene, sitting with four children playing with some puppies. The man sits with a tie on while the children seem to be in overalls, dresses, and t-shirts. There is a fence seen in the background.
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