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This item is a scan of a card featuring a color photograph of Mast General Store in Valle Crucis. The opposite side of the card is a description of the history of Mast General Store. It appears on the inside cover of the W. W. Mast Family "Mast Store…

This image is a scan of a Christmas card from Frank and Thelma Mast. The photograph on the front pictures David and Ginger Mast. This image appears on page 28 of the W. W. Mast Family North Carolina Scrapbook.

Shown here is a 2017 Christmas card from the Valle Crucis Conference Center. The card appears on page 21 of the W. W. Mast Family Valle Crucis Scrapbook.

This item appears to be an Easter post card. The front of the postcard shows an image of a girl in a beaded crown surrounded by lilies. Below the girl the card reads, "A peaceful, happy Easter to all." The card is postmarked March 22 from Lenoir, NC.…

This item appears to be a Christmas postcard. The front of the card features a painted image of golden bells with holly berries and a river scene with a bridge and house. It says "A Happy Christmas" in elegant font. The card is addressed to "Mrs…
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