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This item is a map of Watauga County, North Carolina roads. It was produced by the North Carolina Highway and Public Works Commission in July 1957. There is a note that July 1 of that year the map was corrected to include the roads that were under…

This item is a map of Watauga County, North Carolina created using data from the "State-Wide Highway Planning Survey." There appear to be six dates of reference in the bottom left corner that range from 1962-1966. According to this map, all of the…

This item is a color slide showing the exterior of Horse Ridge Woodshop, as seen from the roadside. The shop is on the corner of Highway 105 and Broadstone Road, in Vilas, NC. It appears that the image was taken before there was a stoplight on the…

This image is an aerial photograph of Boone, showing a number of residences and fields. The upper right of the image shows the intersection of Highway 105 and Highway 321 (Blowing Rock Road).
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