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This photo shows a man sitting on a horse in the middle of a stream, apparently at the spot where a road fords the stream. A thicket of trees and bushes is behind the man and horse. The water is up to the horse's knees.

A man is standing outside in a field, holding onto the muzzle of a horse. The horse has a chestnut coat and a blaze face marking along the front of its muzzle. The horse has a white stocking pattern on its left rear hock that matches the color of its…

The viewer is standing outside taking a picture from a distance of a horse standing in field. The horse is standing in front of a fence and laterally across from a large tree. The horse has a white blaze marking on its face, which matches the white…

A man is standing outside in front of his home, holding the reins to a horse. He is wearing a pair of overalls and a flat brim Fedora style hat. The horse is wearing a harness with a manual plow made of wood attached to the chains within the harness.…

A man is standing outside in a field, holding onto the muzzle of a horse. His left hand is placed on the front of the horse's muzzle, and his right is resting on the back of the horse's neck and mane. The horse has a chestnut coat and a blaze face…

This image shows a woman, possibly the one in images 014 and 015, riding horseback on a rocky, dirt trail. Individual image on 616 film. Image appears to date to circa 1940.

This image shows a man and woman on horseback. The man appears to be the same as in image 001. They appear to be at a residence with a fence surrounding a home. There are mountains in the background of the image. Individual image on 616 film. Image…

In this image, a camper sits astride a horse station brushing a horse while another camper leads a different horse away. Several other campers stand nearby, looking on. Two large outbuilding are visible in the background, a farm truck is parked…

This image shows six female campers at Camp Yonahlossee posing in formal riding attire astride horses.

This image shows more than a dozen campers astride horses lined up for a ride at Camp Yonahlossee. A steeplechase obstacle is visible at center right. Part of the stable is also visible at far right.
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