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This color slide shows a south-facing view of a parking lot on the south side of King Street in Downtown Boone. The Hodges Building is at right, with Town Hall to the left. Buildings in the background are on Howard Street. The slide is numbered "20."

This color slide shows Miller Brothers Army Surplus and Boone Frameworks on the south side of Howard Street. As of 2019 this building is empty. The slide is numbered "16."

This color slide shows Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant at the the northeast corner of Depot Street and Howard Street. The restaurant burned down in 1996. As of 2019 this is the site of Footsloggers. The slide is numbered "14."

First Presbyterian Church on Howard Street in Boone, North Carolina with a tree displaying autumn foliage. The congregation has since moved to a new location and the building now houses Appalachian State University's Howard Street Building. An…

Von Hagaman delivering mail on Howard Street, Boone, North Carolina, probably about 1960. He wheels a mail hand truck and wears a postal service uniform. Parked cars and several buildings can be seen further west down Howard Street.
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