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This image shows an unidentified mountain landscape. Much of the land has been cleared for pastures.

This image shows an unidentified mountain landscape. Much of the land has been cleared for pastures.

This image shows a landscape with snow covered trees. In the foreground at the top of the image, low hanging pine branches sag under the weight of the snow.

This image is a landscape taken at a chemical convention. The original envelope was labeled "Chemical Conv., 6-54" and had been filed under "Conventions."

This black and white image is a scan of a postcard featuring a swiftly moving waterfall and trees dotting a cliff face. The back of the postcard is dated May 13, 1947 and was sent by Palmer Blair from Boone.

The rocky walking path and hilly peaks seen in this black and white image may be from Wilkesboro, as indicated by the the postage stamp on the opposite side of this postcard (see Pal-Bla-4-264). Damage to the card is visible in the large yellow spot…

This black and white image depicts two small rowboats and a larger vessel at an old dock. A large fuel tank rests in front of the biggest boat on top of a wooden platform. Several broken trees or wooden poles jut out of the still water. Two men walk…

This black and white printed image was in a plastic sleeve labeled "Aerial of Our House" with negatives from 1954. In the image, the bright roof of a home is seen in the center of a large, clear cut field. Two other homes and several barns can be…

This black and white image features a steep, cleared hillside. Several trees dot the far side of the hill and a large white home can just barely be made out in the background. This negative was found with three other images in a plastic sleeve…

This black and white image was taken on a hillside and focuses on several wooden stakes marking said hill. A large, white home sits towards the middle of the background of the image, as well as a large barn. Several clusters of trees dot the…
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